LTFC believes that every child has the right to be part of a loving family that allows them to grow. Due to unfortunate and unforseen circumstances, some natural/biological families are unable to provide this necessary, adequate love and care for their children. Lighthouse Foster Parents have the opportunity to provide these children with a temporary or permanent, loving and stable environment during this difficult time in their life, until the structure of the natural family may be restored.

Lighthouse provides traditional and specialized services for children in the custody of the Department of Family and Children’s Services. We serve:

Traditional, Base & MWO Programs

  • Children ages birth to 21
  • Sibling groups, teens and teen mothers/and their baby
  • Children with physical, mental, developmental or behavioral disabilities
  • Family Based Model

Medically fragile program

Our medically fragile program is designed to help place children ages birth to 21 who require complex health procedures, specialized medical or therapy to enhance/sustain their lives. These are some of the characteristics that would qualify a child to be in the medically fragile program:

  • Has a tracheotomy
  • Has a medical condition, including but not limited to asthma, chronic lung disease, diabetes, heart disease, HIV infection or chronic kidney disease being maintained by dialysis.
  • Is oxygen tank dependent
  • Has persistent reflux causing vomiting
  • Requires oral feedings that take at least 30 minutes or requires tube feedings
  • Requires nebulizer treatments on a daily basis
  • Requires medications by feeding tube, injection or suppository
  • Requires ostomy care
  • Has any type of body cast
  • Is blind or has severe visual impairment
  • Is deaf or has severe hearing impairment
  • Has complete or partial paralysis (child weighing 20 lbs. or more)
  • Has self-harming behaviors such as cutting, ingesting poisonous substances, etc.
  • Has limited mobility
  • Bedwetting and urination in places other than the toilet
  • Is several years behind in the development of age appropriate knowledge of self-care or life skills
  • May require medical interventions while in school
  • Requires medication management

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