Lighthouse Therapeutic Foster Care, INC. was incorporated in August, 2003.

Lighthouse Therapeutic Foster Care originally provided aid to the North Georgia area starting in 2004, then added a branch to aid Metropolitan Atlanta in July , 2014. We are an agency dedicated to shining our light throughout the community and the State of Georgia; by assisting children in state-custody with individualized and community-based support through our foster care services. Lighthouse Therapeutic Foster Care (LTFC) is committed to providing services that enable children in care to reach their full potential in their environment, while working to preserve the integrity of the family unit. We assess needs and offer a comprehensive range of services to support and strengthen families.

We provide services that are age appropriate and in the frequency, duration, and intensity necessary to bring stability into the family’s and child’s life. Our role is to develop and coordinate services that enable the child and family to have the best chance at success and permanency through reunification where possible or the established plan of care goal.

We here at Lighthouse Foster Care are very proud of our achievements as an agency and family, as well as the impact we have had on many children’s and families lives. Our committed employees, case managers and caregivers along with our dedication to what we do is what makes us a very special agency and family.

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